Business Support

Employment Area Administration

Director of the Employment Area and Business Administration, Amnon Butz | Deputy Director of the Residents' Services Department and Director of the Business Licensing and Signage Department, Yael Or

The Employment Areas and Business Administration and the Business Licensing Department of the Yehud-Monosson Municipality promote the local economy in Yehud-Monosson and assist small and medium-sized businesses and commercial enterprises.


The administration promotes and develops commercial and business areas, recruits and accompanies new businesses in the city, from the licensing stage to assistance in developing digital tools and advertising, and operates within the framework of the municipal strategy to attract space technology organizations to Yehuda-Monosson.


The Administration publishes the municipal business portal, plans and implements CAM campaigns and leisure activities in business areas for residents and visitors who are potential customers, initiates job recruitment conferences and professional lectures, develops initiatives to promote employment in the city, facilitates access for workers and residents, and enables community connections between daily workers and businesses.


The administration is responsible for developing communication and advertising platforms for and on behalf of business owners, such as “Rampa” – a map of young business owners, digital advertising opportunities throughout the city, a dedicated website, image videos for businesses, a Facebook page, signage and more. It also connects business owners to better understand their needs, share knowledge and learn.


The goal of the administration is to recruit, guide, promote and support the success of businesses in the city in order to expand the economic growth engines of Yehud-Monosson.

The administration works in close cooperation and with the support of the Small and Medium Business Authority in the Ministry of Economy.

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