Department of Youth, Education and Sports

Department Head: Miri Or-Gottfried

Department Secretary: Karin Yitzhakov

Tel.: 03-5391208 | 035391256
Fax: 03-5361684

Office hours: Monday between 16:00-18:00


The education system in Yehud-Monosson strives to bring out the best in each student in order to achieve the highest possible academic results and to provide knowledge, skills and social values needed to live in modern society. The city’s education system is characterized by a community and family atmosphere, with pedagogical teams and teaching assistants who are inclusive, supportive and basic education professionals. Teams who see parents as important partners in the education of the child, and who believe that only by working together children can reach the desired results, with mutual consideration and respect.

The city’s education system has launched an up-to-date five-year plan to promote education with the following key objectives:

  • Build an inclusive, leading and pioneering education system.
  • Instill a culture of ethical, academic, social and emotional excellence.
  • Implementing innovative pedagogy tailored to the new digital modern era.
  • Continue the upward trend of academic and climate achievement in the city.
  • Create the conditions for an educational system that will be a “wellspring” for all students in the city, from morning to evening, in both formal and informal education, through continuous collaboration with educational teams, with the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and parental leadership.