Legal Department

Municipal Legal Advisor, Adv. Roni Halamish

Tel: 035391289



Deputy Legal Advisor and Municipal Attorney, Adv. Sarit Kaplan

Tel: 035391280



Legal Department Manager and Claims and Insurance Department Manager, Adv. Sarit Hanoch

Tel: 03-5391214

Fax: 03-5391283



The Municipality’s Legal Department is responsible for providing legal services to the Municipality:

The tasks of the Legal Office include, among others:

  • Representation of the Municipality before governmental and other authorities.
  • Providing legal advice and opinions to municipal departments and committees.
  • Attending and providing legal advice at City Council meetings.
  • Drafting legal documents such as contracts and tenders.
  • Providing legal representation in court and managing outside counsel.
  • Assisting in the formulation of City policy on issues with legal implications.
  • Responding to public and regulatory inquiries and providing legal assistance with Freedom of Information requests.
  • Providing ongoing legal advice to municipal boards and commissions.
  • Preparing letters of appointment for public officials.
  • Assisting with the economic aspects of municipal contracts.
  • Initiating municipal legislation and updating existing ordinances.
  • Conducting municipal prosecutions regarding planning and construction, business licensing and violations of the Yehud-Monosson municipal bylaws.