Human Capital Management Department

Department Manager: Ms. Keren Marbedian

Tel: 03-5391224

Fax: 03-5361683



The Human Capital Management Department is responsible for managing the human resources of the municipality. The department deals with all aspects related to the employment of personnel – filling positions, recruiting and integrating employees, performance evaluation, promotion and development of employees, and termination of employment.


In addition, the department establishes human resources policies and work procedures, manages organizational processes in accordance with laws, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements, and is responsible for labor relations and employment conditions.

The Department’s goal is to professionally and optimally manage the municipality’s human capital, while promoting employee well-being and improving service and organizational excellence.

Composition of the Municipal Employee Review Committee

In addition to municipal employees, the Municipal Employee Screening Committee includes public representatives – residents of the city. The names of the committee members are listed below:

Public Representatives:

  1. Moshe Magen
  2. Carmela Kol Aman
  3. Dorit Hagai Grinsberg
  4. Tzvi Kersh
  5. Yair Roterstein