Office of the Director General of the Municipality

Attorney Gil Simonhouz, Municipal Director General

Office Secretary: Ofri Hadar
Office Secretary: Vered Meish

Tel: 03-5391204
Fax: 03-5391247


The position of the Municipal Director General is a statutory position held by Attorney Gil Simonhouz.

The Municipal Director General is responsible for the management of all municipal departments and divisions, all municipal employees, the careful management of municipal resources, the provision of quality services to residents and the improvement of the quality of life of residents, taking into account the needs of the entire population as much as possible.


Main responsibilities:

  • Implement the policies of the Mayor and elected municipal leadership.
  • Day-to-day management of the municipality.
  • Coordinate the work of the Municipality’s staff with external bodies such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of the Economy and other government ministries, with an emphasis on fundraising activities.
  • Formulate the strategic planning of the municipality. Manage and supervise the implementation of the annual work plan.
  • Set goals and objectives in all areas of municipal life and draft multi-year plans.
  • Supervise and coordinate the municipal departments and divisions by means of department and division directors.
  • Direct and supervise the orderly work of the staff.
  • Prepare the annual budget with the Treasurer in coordination with department and division heads – setting priorities in accordance with city policy
  • Convene meetings of the City Council.
  • Manage staffing plans in accordance with the municipal budget.
  • Prepare the municipality for emergencies and manage the municipality during emergencies.
  • Manage professional committees.
  • Responsibility for public space, visibility, aesthetics, cleanliness, environmental quality and educational facilities.