Department of Information Systems and Computing

Department Head, Ram Ilan

Tel: 03-5391237



The Information Systems and Computing Department is responsible for providing computing services to all municipal departments and educational institutions in the city.


The pace of technological changes and developments requires constant readiness on the part of the Information Systems and Computing Department. At the same time, organizational changes in the municipality, such as population growth, establishment of industrial zones or changes in the budget structure, require the adaptation of information systems.


The objectives of the Department are directly derived from the objectives of the municipality, in order to promote its goals of improving the level of services and the quality of life of the inhabitants.

The department is at the forefront of all technological innovation, providing solutions for routine and emergency needs in a wide range of areas, such as: education, billing, security and resident inquiries – from the needs analysis stage, through the design of appropriate infrastructure, equipment and software, installation, user training and assimilation, to ongoing maintenance.

  • Public Service: Accessibility of services and information to the public, provision of municipality information, improvement and streamlining of service delivery processes.
  • Education and Community: Assimilation of innovative technological infrastructures and accessible computerization for students and educational staff.
  • Resource and Project Management: Assimilating the management of technological changes in the units, improving the level of service and the experience of the employees as customers, developing infrastructures and improving the working relations between the units.

Information Systems and Computing Department Objectives

  • Collaborate fully and closely with the municipal units in order to create a single “service front” for the citizen.
  • Initiate innovative projects and implement new technologies to improve public services and the operations of the various municipal entities.
  • Maintain the availability of data in the various systems that are essential for the routine and proper management of municipal activities.
  • Protect and secure the information in the municipality, with emphasis on privacy, security of classified information, according to the Information Security Policy.
  • Stabilization and updating of all the systems developed and established in the City Hall over the years.
  • Ensure the continuity of services to the various system users.
  • Perform routine maintenance of all systems and equipment in the municipality according to a work plan.
  • Plan municipal projects according to time, budget and quality requirements.
  • Manage the routine maintenance of the municipal building.
  • Manage various projects and infrastructures to promote Yehud-Monosson as a smart city.